Bible Study


Bible Study

The goal of Bible study is not to explore the Scriptures so as to discover what they teach. Rather the purpose is to learn how the Scriptures contain the Church’s teaching. There are several reasons for getting into the Word of God and letting the Word get into us. The greatest advantage of studying scripture can lead us to better our life. The Six reasons can make our life a better one by studying the Word of God:

  1. Bible Study gives us Spiritual Nourishment and Growth: The Bible is not written for our information but for our transformation
  2. We can set new priorities and Values in our life: Liberating us from the bondage of temporal prospective and provide us with an eternal directive.
  3. We can overcome temptations: Study of scripture will provide both corrective and preventive spiritual immunization for our evil tendencies.
  4. Scripture study will give us right guidance for making correct decision: They reveal God’s moral will practically for every area of our life through commandments and gospel principles.
  5. They give us the Knowledge of God: Bible is the progressive revelation of the person of God.
  6. They give us the knowledge about ourselves: As we read and study the scripture the Word of God becomes a mirror that exhibits our true character and expose our self-delusion.

Read Bible : It is the Basic Information Before Leaving Earth

If anyone wants to know more about bible study please contact Father Thomas D’ SOUZA, the Pastor.

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