Devils' Beatitudes

Sewing at St John

Retirement Fund for Religious

Support elderly religious. A parishioner writes, “As a Catholic school student from grades K-12, I was formed to be the person I am by many religious brothers and sisters, and I am forever grateful.” Show your appreciation for the senior Catholic sisters, brothers and religious order priests who made a positive difference in so many lives. Please give generously to the next week’s collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious.

 Fondo Para la Jubilación de Religiosos

Apoye a los religiosos ancianos. Uno de los fieles escribe: “Como estudiante católico entre los grados K-12, fui formado para ser la persona que soy por muchos hermanas y hermanos religiosos, y estaré agradecido para siempre”. Muestre su agradecimiento a las hermanas, hermanos y sacerdotes de órdenes religiosas quienes marcaron la diferencia en tantas vidas. Sea generoso en su donativo a la colecta de la semana próxima para el Fondo para la Jubilación de Religiosos.


Holiday in the Park

(for the youth that went to World Youth Day)

Your Holiday in the Park ticket is available for pick up.
For the youth that went to WYD, if you are interested in going as a group again,
we are looking at Saturday, 11/30/13, 1p-9p, meeting at ABVM.
Otherwise, you may pick up your ticket on Sunday(s) [St John-after English mass][ABVM-between masses].
Tickets are valid from 11/23/13 to 12/31/13.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Reflection: The feast of Christ the eternal king is celebrated every year on the last Sunday in ordinary time. It brings to a close the ordinary time of the liturgical year and it begins the preparation for Advent and the coming of the redeemer child at Christmas. As we come to the close of another liturgical year, as we prepare to welcome Christ our eternal king, we need to realize that our king can come only if we are willing to open our hearts and minds wide to receive him. We can do this by removing from our minds and hearts anything that will prevent us from receiving and accepting him. We can do this by removing selfishness and self-centeredness that makes us seek only our own good rather than the good of others. We can do this by reaching out in love and forgiveness as he did, even when on the cross. Will we ready our minds and hearts to receive our king?

Nuestro Señor Jesús Cristo, Rey del Universo

Reflexión: La fiesta de Cristo Rey de los siglos se celebra cada año el último domingo de tiempo ordinario. Trae a su fin el tiempo ordinario del año litúrgico y comienza la preparación para el Adviento y la llegada del niño redentor en Navidad. Al llegar al final de otro año litúrgico, mientras nos preparamos para recibir a Cristo nuestro Rey eterno, tenemos que darnos cuenta de que nuestro rey puede venir sólo si estamos dispuestos a abrir nuestros corazones y mentes para recibirlo. Podemos hacer esto mediante la eliminación de nuestras mentes y corazones de todo lo que nos impide recibir y aceptarlo. Podemos hacer esto eliminando el egoísmo que nos hace buscar sólo nuestro propio bien y no el bien de los demás. Esto lo podemos hacer a través del acercamiento en el amor y el perdón como lo hizo, aun cuando en la cruz. ¿Tendremos listos nuestras mentes y corazones para recibir nuestro rey?



Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Baskets

The Ladies of St. John’s will be organizing Thanksgiving baskets and need your assistance.

The ushers will be passing out paper bags with the list of needed foods on Oct. 26th & 27th.

Please be generous and return the filled bags by Nov. 16th & 17th. If you know of anyone needing a basket, please contact the church office. Thank you!

Canastas de Comida para el Dia de Dar Gracias

Las Damas de San Juan estan organizando las canastas del Dia de Dar Gracias y necesitan de su cooperacion.

Los acomodadores pasaran las bolsas de papel con la lista de las cosas mas necesarias el fin de semana del 26 y 27 de octubre.

Porfavor sea generoso y regrese las bolsas con sus donaciones para el fin de semana del 16 y 17 de noviembre despues de misas.

Si usted sabe de alguien que realmente necesite una de estas canastas, llame a la oficina.

Thanksgiving Baskets at ABVM

The ABVM Ladies Group is now collecting names for families who may need help during the Thanksgiving Holidays.
If you know someone who may need help, please give the name with a telephone number to the main office in Bridgeport or to the ABVM office.
We are also, collecting non-perishable food for the Thanksgiving baskets. There will be a box in the foyer for donations.
We will need this information by Nov. 21 and will distribute on Nov. 22.
Thanks for your support.


Congratulations to our Deacons:

Deacon Eldon & Deacon Mauricio

for their 4th year anniversary as Ordained Deacons.

Our Catholic Communities appreciate their hard work.

Marriage Encounter

Ahhh, Fall… Children are in school, routines are in place and things are calmer.The perfect time to take a weekend away from it all with the one you love.

Give yourselves the gift of each other at a Marriage Encounter, where you will rediscover what drew you to one another.

By listening to couples tell their stories and private dialogue you will refocus and prioritize life.

Join us on Nov. 1-3 or Valentine’s weekend (what better gift!!).

Contact 817-451-6005 or register at

JBD Catholics • (940) 683-2743